Re: cap specifications

Hi all,
       Ed Sonderman wrote...

> Even after the recent C.P. cap failure, the company insists that the cap
> should not have failed at 14,400 volts at 500 ma.  (But it certainly did
> explode.)

I think it may be time to find out whether the company really knows 
what these caps are being asked to stand up to. 500mA is nothing 
compared to the 100's of tank circuit amps oscillating around 100,000
times a second. The tests IMO were quite unrepresentative of the 
punishment we impose on the caps. I'm also concerned that there is no 
safety vent to allow a gradual release of any pressure buildup. I'm 
now in the difficult postion of not knowing whether to return them, 
or letting them sit out the "guarantee" period and then putting my 
own safety plugs in. What thinks others?