Re: Solid State - the business end.

Thanks Rob,
>> the parasitic series resonant
> > C from the coil to ground.
>This capacitor exists in some distributed fashion all along the coil 
>to some abstract concept called ground. 
Daah - oh that C - I thought you had a descreet capacitor across
the transformer or something.

>I just faxed the schematic to Pike, so we are well on our way to 
>getting this out to everyone.

Pike kindly sent me a copy thanks - great - much more elegant
than my present circuit and I'll go with yours rather than blow
more fets going from my push pull to a half bridge.
I like the use of diodes to remove the need for snubbers.
Though I would be inclined to retain light snubbing to
reduce switching losses in the FETs.

I look forward to seeing the write up. 

Alan Sharp (UK).