Re: Flyback Transformers

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>>"My other coil produces 22" streamers
>>to a grounded target.  But, while making this measurement, I watch as
>>other, longer streamers zip (zap?) right past said target.  Why is the 
>>grounded target a less attractive destination for TC discharges?"

>Well, I am going to stick my neck out much further than I should. The 
>potential difference of a TC without any terminal capacitance should be 
>greatest towards the common earth ground, but now when one adds an 
>increasing terminal capacitance (a torus) the potential difference 
>becomes more influenced by the surounding space and not the common 
>ground. This is why, I asume, is the partial reason we acheve greater 
>free air discharge length with large torus. I have had my magnifier 
>running with a 4.5"x16" torus with a small wire taped to the bottom 
>pointed down shooting sparks down to the wooden table (24") only 5" from 
>the bottom of my tirtary with only occasional hits to the bottom of the 
> Now I am probibly way off, but hey thats sticking my neck out

   Sounds to me like the new long streamers just don't see the
   grounded target as a good ground!   Does the new TC operate at the
   same frequency as the old one?  If not, then I would immediately
   investigate the impedance to real earth ground of that grounded
   target *at the new frequency*.  Perhaps at the frequency of the new
   TC you have a high impedance in the ground connection: the series
   inductange of the grounding wire partially parallel-resonating with
   capacitance to ground of the target?

>David Trimmell <dwt-at-efn-dot-org>
>PS: Anyone who has not read Richard Hull's Guide to the CS Notes is 
>really missing out. Richard- it is refreshing to get just the facts and 
>not the fiction. A very good work.

  Sorry, how do I get that guide?  Thanks.

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