Re: Solid State - progress.

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> Subject: Re: Solid State - progress.
> I'm not sure from reading the message what type of solid state system
> you are building.
> Here I have a multi-MOSFET multi KW peak power pulsed driver that I
> connect to a "resonant coil" (i.e. not really a tesla coil since it is
> not a transformer).  My coil is like a "magnifier" without the Tesla
> coil driver.  Or like a 1/4 wave antenna if you're into radio.  It has
> about a mile of 30 gauge wire on it and resonated somewhere in
> 50-75khz range, I forget.  Puts out 150kv plus at higher current I
> believe than ordinary Tesla coils.  Is wound on huge poly bucket.<snip> 
> best regards, Rob. N3FT.

Hi Rob,
I had the thought of driving a 1/4 wave 'magnifier' directly, that is
no transformer, nice to see someone put it to practice. After trying to
light a neon light on the top of one of my secondaries and failing I did 
a quick pspice and found that the 50ohm generate won't do much at 
resonance since the coil impedance is so low. At 5V and 50 ohms I might
get 50V at the top. At 100V and 1 ohm I get about 3KV at the end, and
if I use 5V with a series 0.01 ohm I can get 100KV+ at the end of the 
1/4 wave line. In each instance there was a 1MEG load on the end. 
It would seem that one would not need much high voltage only high current 
pumped into the base.
The question then becomes, what happens when the top arcs and that high
current makes a high voltage at the bottom. Maybe not much since it takes
many cycles to build up the voltage at the open end.

I know in the real world the above won't follow since I've neglected to
include all the parasitics and resistive effects but it's fun to do the
what if stuff.

Are there any natural sources of high voltage arcs like TCs produce?
Dave Huffman
"All the usual disclaimers etc. etc"