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>>Good point, but you're saying you chose a garage door opener over an arc
>>for your pig??  Where are your priorities??? ;)
>>>You're right! what does it matter that I can only get 20" arcs to my
>>>garage door opener, no matter how much power I put in.  The opener
>>>can't open the door anyway. (mechanical failure;)
>Ahhh but don't forget the most important equation for the Tesla coil builder:
>more power=more damage (something like P out = D squared...can't remember
>exactly).  Maybe with the pig hooked up you could actually melt part of the
>door opener.  Real mechanical damage can be just as impressive as long sparks.
No wonder I can't get it right:) I keep trying to match 1/4 lambda =
1/(2*pi*(LC)^1/2)). To many variables!

p.s. I've got the horizontal strike distance up to 8'. Unfortunately
the vertical is still at 20". (cleaning garage to make room to put in
new door and opener)

	worn out,


p.s. (chip, tell us to shut up, If we get to off topic;)

	jim of sore muscles.