Re: Cox article in TCBA

Re: Quenched gaps
	I have an old (1918 vintage) AMRAD quenched gap intended
for radio transmitter service.  It has 21 active gaps and, because
of the close spacing I have yet to measure carefully, a breakdown
voltage which matches my 9 kV, 60 ma neon transformer.  When running
with 0.01 ufd (approximate) primary capacitance it works very well
with a 3" OD x 16" long coil, resonant with toroid at around 300 kHz.
Gap itself is absolutely silent!  Get about 14" sparks/streamers
with the quenched gap, around 18"+ with a five cylinder gap set with
spacing so it just breaks down with the coil itself disconnected.Make 
that coil primary circuit, that is.
	When I get the ambition to make some new fiber spacers for
the gap I intended to increase the spacing and try it at 15 kV.
Ed Phillips