Re: D.C. Cox TCBA Article

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> Mark R. wrote:

> >4.  Do you agree that fewer than 5 gaps in series should be used for a 30mA
> >transformer, and that "overquenching" is a concern?  If less than 5, how
> >many? (Cox's article was unclear about this)
>         This is highly dependent on the spacing between the gaps, and the
> amount of air flow through the gaps.  I have found that 5 is good for a 15
> kV 30 mA. neon.  I think Mr. Cox is implying that the total gap distance
> must not be too great, in order to guarantee protection of the transformer.
> Hopefully, he will discuss this further in a later article, as he hinted.
> Regards,
> Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Ph.D.

Mark, All,

I am glad to see that the thread on this TCBA NEWS article has created a 
lot of chatter.  We, here in Richmond had a lot of controversy whipped up 
around it too.  We agree with some of the points and disagree with 
others.  I had written a reply, as all of you have, before I saw all the 
following commentary.  It is good to see that experience of others mimes 
our own in many of the points so well questioned.  This is the kind of 
cross talk which stimulates us all.

As Mark so eloquently put it above, we should wait on Mr. Cox to expand 
and expound on his concepts further.

Richard Hull, TCBOR