Re: Tesla Software

Hi Chad,

>Cosmetics are REALLY important when it comes to software.  I have written
>several programs and noticed that when I was showing it to other people they
>always made comments about how they liked how it LOOKED.  Including some
>animated gifs here and there, coordinating colors and fonts, simple little
>things like these are very important when it comes to pleasing the user.

Good point. Do you prefer to have multiple screens (windows) to do different
things or do you prefer to see as much data as possible on the screen? My
idea was to show all calculation related information on one screen and then
have the other aspects of coil design on their own. Thoughts?

>As far as the calculations side of the program, I really enjoyed one piece
>of software that was called the complete Tesla Designer.  It took various
>pieces of data and compiled them together, telling you a hypothetical output
>that was actually fairly accurate.

The problem I have found with Tesla calculation programs in the past is that
the piece of information they require for the calculation is the one I wish
to calculate. I want to try and build in as much flexibility as possible so
the user can solve the equation for any (or at least most) unkowns.

>What language are you hacking in?

Please don't use the 'H' word !! I am CODING in Visual Basic 4.0 Pro. I am
writing 16bit code at the moment but it is easily ported to 32bit if the
program develops to that level. I assume most people are using some form of
Windows? Once it is written maybe someone can do the translation for our Mac

Thanks for the suggestions.

Graham Armitage