Fair caps test

Hi everyone,

Those of you interested in the Fair Radio caps might be interested in a test I
just tried.  I'm in NYC and have only been able to run one of these caps in a
very small system in my apartment.  When I have time, I'd like to take them out
to my folk's place on Long Island and try them in my larger neon system, but
who knows when that will be (not enough free time!).  Anyway, I thought I'd try
a little "stress test" just to see how these caps held up.  This consisted of
running with just a transformer and gap across one of them.  Results:

-6kV 30mA for 5 minutes continuous, studs got slightly warm to the touch, no
discernable change in case temp.

-15kV 60mA for 5 minutes continuous, studs got a little warmer, case definitely
 getting warm, but not hot.

I used my "enclosed" series static gap, since the air blown one was just too
loud and I didn't want any complaints.  By the end of the second test the gap
was really cooking.  Five minutes can be quite a long time! 

I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts on this test.  Any idea how much
other types of caps might heat up under similar conditions?  If I could find my
indoor/outdoor thermometer I'd get some numerical data.