Pep talk...

While Richard Hull is correct about multiple sheet issue for capacitor 
dielectric, that doesn't mean that you wasted your money.  The home made
rolled capacitors are still excellent.

I personally have pushed a 60 mil dielectric rolled cap to 15kV and 150ma 
using a bank of neons.  I still haven't popped it yet, but several of the
neons have died in the mean time.  

One thing that is important to remember is that tesla coiling requires 
the ability to improvise.  

If you look at almost everyone's coil, the 
toroids (for example) are made of all sorts of materials, using many 
different construction techniques.  Few of us can afford to have a 
spun toroid, yet we can still get wonderful sparks.  A spun toroid may be 
the best, but there are many alternatives available that allow the 
hobbyist to continue.

A little while ago, some list members were even talking about how
to improve a salt water capacitor using beer bottles and brine.
The commercial capacitors are the best for sure, but are they really
going to change your life?  Probably not.  Most likely the enjoyment
that you get from coiling is from seeing the sparks come from something
that you designed and built yourself.

A number of members have expressed their disappointment with the
cancellation of the CP order, but we need to respect Scott and
Kevin's decision and get on with our coiling.  

Perhaps we can let the matter peter out after this round. (hint hint)