Cap Problem R&D Solution

Hello All

    I was wondering ----

In view of the nature of our quest(s)---- why not find some one
who has the knowledge,equipment and desire to further the
studies and development of Tesla Service equipment ?

    If, for example, ---------------- my bride could say ---"its good
you are doin' something in the shop besides dimmin' the lights
and muckin' up the T.V." ---- --------------------------- :-)

    My back-yard shop contains  things  like ------
Welding equipment (a bunch)
Lathes ----- 
Precision honing equip.----
High Vacuum deposition equip ---
High pressure gasses ----
Wood-working power equip. ------------- 
    I see no reason why we fellow  "Teslaholics" couldn''t 
work something  out ------------------ 

     I'm in Southern California       (Altadena)