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>Subject: BTC3
>I have plans and am going to build the BTC3 with a few minor changes in
>parts. Ive found a wire that is in various gauges and has a cloth type
>material for insulation, very thin and different colors according to size I
>think. It calls for 10 inches of #26 on a 3.5 inch form if I recall so what I
>want to know is will the thin cloth covering make a difference on the

When the kit called for #26 wire, I believe they were talking about magnet
wire. In secondary construction, it is the outside diameter (O.D) that needs
focus here. The cloth covering is thicker I think then the insulating
covering of magnet wire. Be this the case, the wire itself would be spaced
even if close wound due to the thickness of the cloth covering. In the overall
picture, 10 inches of wind with the cloth covered wire may only yield say 
400 turns where the thinly insulated magnet wire could provide 600 turns
in the 10 inch space. I prefer magnet wire over the cloth covering myself.
The cloth covered wire requires being soaked with shellac or polyurethane
after winding for good insulation. I am not saying that the cloth covered
wire would not work, but you may end up wrapping more than 10 inches
worth of form. Remember, the resonant frequency of the secondary is the most
important thing to consider because in the kit they only give you about
3 turns of tuning on the primary, but I always thought it was a goofy setup
anyway and ending up making a different primary with copper tubing that
improved performance dramatically.

 I dont want to just try and see because the wire is rather steep
>in price for the amount I need but if it will likely work Ill do it. Also I
>would like to scan the plans and let anyone download them who wants them but
>only if I can find out if its OK to do that or not, anyone know?   Steve S.
I don't think Information Unlimited would appreciate spammed plans. They sell
the plans themselves and have sold them to different book companys for pub-
lication in books like 'Build your own laser, phasers, Ion ray gun...etc'.

Be happy to help!

Bob Schumann
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