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>I am having trouble with the IRF511  burning up 

I have not worked with solid state Tesla coils because I believe the
best coils are made the simplest way, no solid state.

>The boys in the electrionic shop do not like the driver
>They say it could be a lot better.

>I have a 15000 volt neon-at-60ma.
>can this coil be salvaged to go with it?
>Or do i start over?

This transformer will work fine but I wound build a protection
circuit for it - RF chokes....etc.

>Question :
>Building your own tesla coil is about as difficult;
>A. as baking your first cake
>B. rebuilding your first automobile engine
>C. A final exam on "Nuclear Fusion as it relates to Electro-
>   dynamic Variations in Adjacent Ferrous Materials as
>   Opposed to Standard Electromagnetic Pulses"
>( The answer is A )
Okay but you will have to grow your own wheat and grind it into flour,
milk a cow, and candle eggs!

Bob Schumann
==  If you understand, things are just as they are.        ==
==  If you do not understand, things are just as they are. ==