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>         I'd like to add a note about charge in dielectrics.  One of
> the older toys here is avery small Van de Graaf generator, puts out
> a 5" spark and only about 2 microamps current.  One experiment I
> sometimes show visitors is this:
>         A thin polystyrene drinking glass (solid plastic, not
> foam) is placed over one's fist and then the sparks are allowed
> to strike the outside of the glass.  Taking the think away from
> the coil and putting the other hand to the outside of the glass
> results in quite a nice spark and a really solid twitch!!!!!
>         Putting the glass down before discharging it doesn't
> make any difference, at least if it sits for only a few minutes.
> "The charge is really (or appears to be) in the dielectric"!
> Then, of course, there are electets and the good old standby,
> the electrophorous.
> Ed Phillips


I am currently deeply involved in electrostatic research especially as 
regards Tesla coils.  I am playing a game of "catch-up" on the bizarre 
world of electrostatics and am working with electrets and am now 
constructing a classic Carnuba wax electrophorous.  Dielectrics and 
their use in motors and other prime movers offer a whole world of 
opportunity in light of modern discoveries and advances in insulation and 
low cost HV suppllies.  I have made a number of capacitor motors and a 
nice corona motor with a styrafoam coffee cup which spins at 2200 rpm 
from only 6,000 VDC at .012 ua.  Thats right, 12 thousandsths of one 
millionth of one amp!  Electrostatics future is bright and appears to 
only require concerted engineering efforts to bring to the public.

This thread might best be taken up on the HV list ramroded by Steve Roys.

I can run all of my "DC only" Electrostatic toys from a Tesla coil's 
supposed RF only output!!!  Curious?

  Still,  Chip and All I hope to give all of us Tesla coiers some 
insights soon into tesla coils and their regular production of DC 
potentials without any form of rectification!  I've been doin' it for 2 
years now and have two articles already published in the "Electric 
Spacecraft Journal" on this topic (A great publication dealing with the 
"scientific" aspects of electric propulsion!) 

Recent electronic intrumentation and electrometer purchases  has shown 
that the work is now progressing from a qualitative stage to a 
quantitative stage.  More soon if you folks are interested.

Richard Hull, TCBOR

[ The DC aspects of a tesla coil are fascinating, but the non-tesla 
  high voltage discussions should go to Steven Roys' HV list.
  Contact him at sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu.  It is an excellent list.
  -- Chip ]