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> "  The memory of Tesla's
> best achievements is only sullied by the hangers-on, wanna-bes and
> word-salad producers often associated with "tesla technology".
>         Absolutely true.  Those folks are just plain nuts, along
> with a lot of others these days.  I get a kick out of reading stuff
> from the free energy guys and the flying saucer nuts, etc, but
> there's a limit.
>         I agree that Tesla coils are just for good clean fun, like
> many other activities we engage in.  When someone starts asking
> "what do you want to do that for?" you know you've lost him (or her)!
> The wife here indulges Tesla coils, muzzle-loading guns, model
> airplane engines (except jets), and lots of other things.
> Ed Phillips


My wife is also long suffering and tolerant ( one of the reasons we are 
still married).  I also am gun enthusiat and have photography, stamps, 
element collections, robotic stuff, computer collections etc., etc,.  All 
of which the "old gal" puts up with.  

A story about my wife's first and only Tesla shock involves the newly 
built lab at my home here in Richmond.  I had "Nemesis" in an early stage 
of refinement.  My wife used to feed me from a rear window of the house 
which opens into the lab.  She would pass a bowl of soup and a sandwich 
through the open window so that I could continue to work and eat.  On one 
occassion, I was about the fire "Nemesis" as she was about to open the 
window.  Neither of us knew of the other's intent and so Nemesis roared 
into action at about 8KW and an arc leaped 9 feet to the aluminum window 
frame and then 6" into the house to my wifes approaching hand!  She was 
totally unharmed, but very miffed to say the least!  I have never 
received another soup and sandwich dinner in the lab since that day!

The Tesla coil wife (read Tesla widow) deserves a lot of credit just for 
stayin' with us!!

Richard Hull, TCBOR