re: 3/4 wavelength secondaries

Hi Skip,
         I have guess to make based on some calcs I did over the 
weekend. I think the best you can do without top C is to approach
a 1/2 wave coil. My findings were exactly yours regarding the 3/4 
wavelength job. It is clear one can reduce the fractional wavelength 
to very low values with arbitrarily large top C (e.g. 1/8 or less).

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> In any event I do not believe a 1/4 or 3/4 wave coil can be wound in any 
> "reasonable" configuration. In fact the resonant frequency of 1/4 wave 
> coils is always about 40% higher than the 1/4 wave wire length and a 
> toroid must be used to bring in the frequency even taking into account 
> the increase in cself due to ionization. The resonant frequency of a 3/4 
> wave coil is always lower than the 3/4 wave wire length so the 3/4 wave 
> coil cannot be tuned at all.
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