Re: Paul Millott's Coil

Hi Paul,
         A few comments:

> The transformer running the BTC3 is 240v 5amp step down to 120v.
> The BTC3 has the transformer it came with which looks like a neon
> transformer but not the type available here. I think it is rated at
> 6Kv.

Can you find out/measure it so I know for sure? Before anyone jumps 
in and says that this voltage is too low for anything, I have a coil 
here putting out 4+ footers on dry days with the gap set to 5 - 6kV.

> Do you know of the BTC3? Has anyone else got one for comparison on the
> output? Mine can give arcs of 4 inches.

I've only read the ad for it. System output is typically dictated by
input power if tuning/coupling is OK. Optimum terminal size for the
power you are running at will assist greatly in getting long 

> I also noted that as you close the spark gap the arcs get shorter.

Closing the gap reduces primary cap voltage (and energy) before the 
gap fires.

Another plea. Would you please mail me offlist with FULL details of 
every component of the system - enough for me to duplicate it EXACTLY.
This should avoid my having to build another system. If I can't 
identify the problem from this, I will build you one.