Re: Pig Ballast measurements

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>Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 06:18:59 GMT
>From: Jim Fosse <jim.fosse-at-bdt-dot-com>
>Subject: Pig Ballast measurements
Last week I wrote:

>Then I scoped my secondary.
>Grounded input level: less than 1 volt.
>I hooked my scope probe to an 18" test lead hung 9' away from my
>system and measured the RF hash. 0.2us period (5MHz) and 175-200++ V
>peak! That's right between 3 and 4 divisions at 50V per division.
>I connected my scope probe to my HV divider. The RF hash measured
>200+V and a 10K divide ratio. Grounding the scope input switch: 30V.
>The RF has a period of 0.5uS (2Mhz). I had to move things around to
>connect up the divider, this may have caused the period change.
>I changed scales to look at the "60Hz" output voltage. about 28kV with
>occasional 75kV peaks! Yes I check this 3 times. No wonder I'm
>seeing/hearing  such a difference between resistive and inductive
I expected at least some scepticism from someone. Is everyone on

I'm not sure that I believe the 75kV peaks myself!

Would anyone with a scope, HV probe and ballasted transformer please
double check some of my measurements.

	Doubting my own sanity,