Re: FAQ questions...

Re: Electrocution
	I'm no expert on the subject, but it certainly doen't take
anything like 10 joules to ruin someone.  I guess there are several
lethal effects of electric shock.  Lowest current one is for a
shock through the chest which puts the heart into ventricular fibrillation
or stops it completely.  Currents of the order of 10s of milliamps
can do this, depending on many factors.  I suspect an exposure of
a fraction of a second might do it, but not sure.  At higher current
breathing may be halted, and finally with enough current any or
all of the above effects can occur, in addition to resistance heating
which is rumored to have been one of the outcomes of "the electric
chair".  I have a book entitled "NEON SIGNS" by D.G. Fink (first
edition, 1935, copy by Lindsay) in which he states that the current
output of neon transformers is tol low to be lethal, but "might
cause you to fall off a sign and hurt yourself!"!!!!!
	I personally have always assumed, and most assuredly
still do, that any contact with a neon transformer secondary would
have very, very serious consequences, and try to be extra careful.
Ed Phillips