Re: Jeff Parisse's Safety Tips

> 7. Procedure - All clear, plug in, key switch on, coil on, 30 seconds or less, c
> oil off, key 
> switch off, plug out, all safe.

	A carry over from my time working on Navy RADAR. I keep a piece 
of 1/2" copper pipe with the end of it attached to my ground. This ground 
rod is used to touch to the end of the cap i.e., the primary, as my CP 
capacitor is alrady crated, after hearing of the mess resulting from 
their catasrophic failures. This bit of paranoia obviates mishaps 
resulting from inadvertantly detached grounds. ( had my dog trip on it 
once, detaching it. Got a small pop that would've been me)

Stan Harle
Alamogordo, NM