Re: FAQ questions...

1) Is it true that it takes 10 Joules of electricity to kill someone?
   (If not, how much is it?)

As in comedy, timing is everything. 10 Joules of energy deposited through
a current flow  over a YEAR will do nothing to you. It is some
non-linear deposition of energy which causes tissue damage. The old adage
CURRENT KILLS is probably pretty accurate. Since body tissue impedances are
nerver very low (like metals), high currents imply high powers being
deposited in the flesh. If you've got enough voltage (15,000v will usually do)
to force 1 amp through you, you're in big trouble. Nerve cells can/will 
depolarize permanently.

Skin resistance is definitly non-linear. My hand to hand resistance  is
usually ~200kohm touching needle probes. But try this with punctured skin
and you'll get a lot less(~30k). Something like sticking both DVM probes in
your mouth.  Your pole-pig most likely will see even less resistance for
you when your cell's saltwater filled membranes begin to break down.

As an anectode, I belive (but can't remeber for sure)that 10Joules is about 
the minimum energy charge used in the defibrillator capacitors for 
REstarting a heart. Once again, it's all in the timing.

-Ed Harris