Power Supply question (Again?)

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     Hello All,
     I posted this inquiry a few days ago, but I'm not sure if it was this 
     list or USA-TESLA's list, so here we go again.
     I made a few transformer purchases from the local bone yard.  Along 
     with a few neon sign transformers, a microwave power supply, and a 
     static-neutralizing transformer, I found a device with the following 
     Tektronix  Type 210 High Voltage Power Supply
     With the following connections:
     + REG :   tied to case(ground)
     - REG
     P   \
     B+   -  Supply power inputs (?)
     G   / 
     The above are all ceramic insulated split terminals.
     The outputs are ceramic insulated buttons in increasing size:
     The physical dimensions are as such:  Approx 8" tall X 5" dia.
     It looks like an automotive "Super Coil"
     This is an oil-filled device with a rubber bladder inside that vents 
     to the outside.
     The inputs connect directly to the D-shaped-core coil.  The secondary 
     is more complicated: several resistor "packages", 3 6000KV .005uF 
     caps, and 3 vacuum tube (YES, in oil!).  All of the filaments are 
     powered by 4-5 turns of 22ga. magnet wire, wound on the outside of the 
     coil.  The vacuum tubes are marked: 1X2A.
     I hope someone can tell me more about this device.  I already 
     contacted Tektronix and so far have not been able to identify it.
     Adam Kojoian