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>Part # is APT4065BN and the logo on the chip is a large white square 
>with a lightening bolt (black) through it.  I believe that Mitsubishi 
>or Matsushita has recently changed their logo, so it might be one of 
	Advanced Power Technology Inc.
	405 S.W. Columbia St.
	Bend, Or 97702-1035

Maximum Ratings

Vdds	400V
Id	11A	continous
Idm	44A	pulsed
Vgs	+-30V	gate voltage
Pd	180W	power dissipation

Static Electrical

BVdss	400V
Idss	250uA
Igss	+-100nA
Id(on)	11A
Vgs(th)	2-4V
Rds(on)	0.65ohms

R "theta"jc	0.68 C/W
R "theta"ja	40.0 C/W
Tl		300  C		soldering temp.

Dynamic Characteristics

Ciss	750pF typ	950pF	max
Cdss	193pF		270pF
Crss	77pF		115pF
Qg	36nC		55nC
Qgs	4.7nC		7nC
Qgd 'miller' 17nC	25nC
td(on)	10ns		20ns
tr	16ns		32ns
td(off)	33ns		49ns
tf	13ns		26ns

Source-Drain Diode Ratings and Characteristics

Is	11A
Ism	44A
Vsd	1.3V
trr	111-446ns
Qrr	1.2-5nC

SOA1	180W
SOA2	180W
Ilm 	44A	inductive clamp I