Re: Coil Photo's #3

Tesla List wrote:
> Chuck,
> Thank's for posting your pictures.  It's nice to see the efforts of
> one who obviously takes pride in his construction.  Nice job!
> I myself would feel a little safer if the capacitor were to be
> located at the same level, but at the outer periphery of the primary
> winding.  Where you have it now it looks like it is near the center
> where the magnetic field will be the strongest.
> Also, I'm curious, what do you plan to use for your break's
> stationary electrodes?
> Please keep us all posted on your progress.
> Happy Coiling!, rwstephens

I just finished the stationary electrodes today.  I have used 1" diameter 
brass rod that is 1 1/4" long.  The outside end has a 3/8-16 threaded 
hole for attaching a threaded rod for in/out positioning while the 
business end has "about" a 120 degree included angle leaving a flat of 
.375" in the middle for arcing. The entire rotary would be made 
differently today if I were to start over.  I intended originally to make 
a rotary/series gap and purchased the G-10 rotor.  I now understand that 
the rotary/series isn't recommended for a two coil system so I did an 
about face ( leaving money on the floor!) and made the standard rotary 
with the available materials.