another capacitor option, maybe

2 years ago I bought a "bank" of capacitors at the Dayton swap. The bank 
consisted of 2 individual sections of capacitors (described below) all 
connected in parallel along a 24 turn inductor at every 2 turns. The 
inductor is wound with about 000 guage wire and the individual caps had 
terminal pads about .75" in diameter....high current stuff for sure.
The capacitor bank is marked as follows:

High Energy Corp.
.0275 mfd +/- 5%

There are 12 individual caps in each of 2 sections for a totasl of 24 
caps. Each cap is .0275 mfd at 42kv. Back then I located High Energy Corp 
and they satisfied me that the caps were adequate for Tesla type 
operation. The caps are filled with a very volatile fluid (oil ?). At the 
time High energy told me the material was not injurious to my health. I 
do not remember the name.

I have used the caps in various configurations (for different cap values)
for close to 2 years. They have been run with a pair of  15kv-at-120 neons 
as the maximum power supply without mishap. I did cause one individual
cap to fail (it seems to be intermittent) but I was running at very high 
break rates into a not well tuned system. The failure was not 
catastrophic. Even after running at very high currents in well tuned 
circuits for close to five minutes continous with a synchronous break the 
caps just begin to get warm. They have provided much higher outputs than 
any other cap which I have ever used (I do not have a CP cap to compare).

I have related this because this company may offer an alternative to CP.
I will try to contact them next week. When I first talked to them they 
indicated that they would duplicate the .0275 sections -at- 42kv for $150 to 

Has anyone had any experience with these caps or with this company ????