Re: CP Explosion & idea

On Wed, 3 Jul 1996, Tesla List wrote:

> From: "Edward V. Phillips" <ed-at-alumni.caltech.edu>
> With regard to SF6, should work fine I would think.  If you
> 	Another possibility which should be plenty practica;
> practical would be an oil-dielectric capacitor.  It would be
> much smaller and accomplish the same purpose.  I remember an

I originally meant that for those "standard" rolled LDPE&Al caps one could
use SF6 instead of oil to prevent corona etc.. A cap with air as
di-electric would not be practical because of size and even with a
gas/liquid that could handle the voltage the spacing of the plates would
present serious problems -> one would have to use thick (=expensive) 
plates etc. etc..

In fact, putting the primary&secondary of a magnifier to SF6 tank could be
handy as well.. There would just have to be some ingenious way of altering
the primary tap..

Kristian Ukkonen.