Re: Need help comprehending EM

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> I am stuck with a picture I
>  keep seeing of the x, y and z axis picture where there z axis is
>  time, y axis is the electric wave (a sine wive in the picture) and
>  the x axis is the magnetic wave (also a sine wave). My problem is
>  that I can not picture this in my mind in reality. 

      Hi Bob,

          Try re-orientation of the graph ==>

   Let the x axis be the time (wavelength ) vector
   Let the y axis be the electro-static vector
   Let the z axis be the electro-magnetic vector
          sine waves over cities don' do much to give one a 
feel for three dimensions -- :-)

    consider a point source transmission ------360 degree radiation ----(in
all planes).
Then the energy radiated could be considered to be an expanding  sphere
within an expanding sphere......the distance between each sphere being 1/2
of the frequency of the transmission with the radius of each representing the
of maximum ES & EM .
     Draw a circle ---- then a radius (drawn as a sine wave ). Then draw
circles within the origional circle--- with their respective radii at the 
peaks of the sine wave (ES-EM-- max)
      Consider the ES vector a super-sonic aircraft ---- When the craft goes
sub-sonic -- the "sounds " (EM) ---leave it & continue on to break windows

---- I dunno ---- As far as Maxwell is concerned --- i need a DUH fer dummies

Hope this helps