Re: Railroad Track Ground

Hi Jeff,
        You might find yourself a cold water pipe, it depends on the
        city some utility companies
use an insulating coupling between there main and the pipe leading into
the facility, the track idea sounds fine, I would have to guess that the
track doesn't go too deep. The closer you come to the water table the
better. There might be an electrical box close by, usually the box is
neutral which is pulled electrically to ground in the system and should be
at the same potential as the cold water pipe. You should check this with
a meter to be on the safe side? I don't think you want any ground loops,
but I guess in this case it doesn't really matter!!! You might find an
"I" beam buried in concret also stuck in the ground. The more grounding
points to pick up the better. The ground I use is a 1/2" copper pipe
(hollow) that I've pounded 20' straight down, along the pipe I have
drilled holes every few inches, on the top I soldered a water spigot which
I ran a garden hose to. With water pressure on max. I stood on the roof
and pounded away until I was at ground level, I think EXXON uses this
method. My ground is also tied to my 60' tower and ham gear! After a few
days you can "seed" your ground threw the pipe, I usually use potassium
chloride-they use it to kill roots etc. (big blue crystals) you can find
it in the hardware stores. "Hams have been seeding grounds for a long
time". You might check out the ARRL antenna book on radial/buried grounds.
	Jeff tell us about your coil?  What type of effects are you
	shooting etc...

	Good Luck on the shoot, don't forget, keep one hand in your
	back pocket!