Re: Capacitor

Re: Exploding capacitors
"The cap is marked NSG 502-10K .005MFD  10000 V.Pulse The Cond.Prod.corp.
11999305. It is in a glass case about 6 inches long with metal alloy ends.
The inside cap itself is blue and the air bubble is 2 inch long by 3/4 inch
wide at its centre when the cap is lying on its side. The bubble is between
the glass and the cap material inside but it is difficult to judge how deep
the space is between the plastic and the glass

Because it is quite a thick glass case I think it would cause quite a blast
if it were to explode. I am putting it inside a piece of pvc drain pipe but
will not switch it on until someone tells me it is safe. That way I can
blame you if it goes bang! Just joking. I would apreciate confirmation that
the bubble is just a safety expansion space.
	I would think you're safe, just because there isn't enough
volume of anything to explode.  Still don't know what caused the
other explosions, unless stuff just got hot and bulged the cases.
Question is as to whether any oxidation was involved.  Been making
me wonder.
	By the way, the Condenser Products capacitor may be inserted
tab, in which case it probably will have high internal resistance and
get hot.  Maybe a case is a good idea until you see how it works.
Ed Phillips