Re: 3/4 wavelength secondaries

Hi all,
         This from Robert caught my eye....

> There are no physical restrictions that I am aware of  that would
> ever prevent one from winding a secondary that was the entire 90
> electrical degrees (1/4 wavelength) in length and resonating it
> without any sort of topload to a given Tesla coil system.

I'd be grateful to any body who produces data for a terminal-less 
coil that can do this.

> True , placing a large toroid on top of the coil reduces the
> resonant frequency of the secondary, and true, changing its size
> will effect frequency tuning, but so will adding or reducing
> secondary turns, with or without a top load.

The problem with altering the inductance is that you are altering the 
wirelength as well. In fact, with the right Ctot for the former, 
frequency scales linearly with wirelength. Altering top C allows 
frequency to change without affecting the wirelength.