Re: Skin Effect & Primary Current?

Hi Kevin,
           One skin depth is defined as 66/SQRT(f) mm. As a rule,
I generally shoot for a wiregauge 3x this in the secondary. This 
allows for some distortion of the current flow due to the proximity 
effect. Making the wire thicker than this will not significantly 
reduce the AC resistance and is just wating money on copper. For the 
primary, I'd recommend wall thickness of 2 skin depths. Going to huge 
tube diameters achieves little as the spark gap is the dominant loss.
A skin depth is defined as the depth at which the current has dropped
to 1/e of its total value.


> I recall someone figureing how deep the penetration was of
> the primary current into the conductor. Could someone who
> knows or remembers how to figure it, please tell me.
> Also, how do you figure the optimum tubing diameter to use
> for a given primary LC?
> my new coil will use 
> Kevin M.Conkey