Re: Singing like a banshee/ trickle down RF economics

Thanks to Ron Reagan, congress, et al., you probably have little to 
worry about rf interference from the FCC.  They have just closed all 
of their field monitoring offices except for one back east and have 
put skeleton crews in the non-monitoring offices.

The FAA could be another story, but there is probably little 
likelihood of harmonics having any appreciable strength up into VHF.  
I know this from experience-  when I lived in Sunnyvale, Ca we had a 
terrible problem in the mid 80's with AM broadcast station harmonics 
up into the lower HF spectrum.  Still, above 10mhz they basically 
disappeared.  Note that this was with 50kw station.  Friend who worked 
for FCC finally found that it was fence near station rectifying and 
reradiating signal.

There is probably more likelyhood of rf interference to airplanes, 
consumer goods, and radio's from light dimmers, tv's, and computers.  
In my experience light dimmers cause more problems below 14mhz, and 
computers and tvs more problems above 14mhz. Another problem is city 
street lights, although in this case the local utilities are usually 
very happy to go out and fix them, and very much appreciate input.

For a fun experiment, try calling your local fcc field office, if it 
still exists, to complain about neighbor's light dimmer.  

I always thought it would be interesting to design a mini-tesla coil 
purposely designed to produce lots of vhf energy that could be sold to 
paranoids as anti-bugging and anti-tempest device.