Drawing arcs to your body

While running our small (1KW) coil me and my friend dave noticed
something interesting. I was standing fairly close to the coil (4
feet or so beyond the longest streamers). Dave was farther away. I
reached out to dave and was able to draw a small arc between our
index fingers! Neither of us were grounded. I assume this was from
the powerful RF field generated by the coil and the fact that I was
closer than dave and had a higher potential than he did.

The fact that this small coil could induce such voltages without any 
direct connection like holding a metal rod in the streamers should be 
a warning to anyone that wants to draw arcs to themself! 

I use an insulated rod with a ground wire attached to the tip when I 
want to draw arcs. 

It's MUCH safer than using your body as a lightning rod !!!

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