Re: 3/4 wavelength secondaries

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>Subject: 3/4 wavelength secondaries
>Hi everyone
>I wonder if anyone has ever tried to wind a secondary at 3/4 wavelength 
>rather than 1/4 wavelength.
>It appears that it may not be possibe to wind a 1/4 wavelength coil that 
>will resonate at the correct frequency without using the large terminal 
>capacitance. Perhaps a 3/4 wave coil could be made.
>I would appreciate any comments.
Hi Skip -

To design a 3/4 wave coil to resonate without a secondary terminal and at a
certain frequency is not a simple job. Several linear and non linear
equations must be solved simultaneously, a formidable task. One equation
that must be satisfied is:
    KHZ x Ft = 246000  (neglecting velocity factor,etc)  where KHZ is the
resonant frequency and Ft is the length of the secondary wire. 

The Wheeler equation, coil self capacity equation, resonant frequency
equation, and other equations must be satisfied. I believe the JHCTES
computer program can do the job but it would have to be researched. Does
anyone know of other Tesla programs that could be used?

John Couture