Re: this old tesla coil

> Have you calculated the resonate frequency of the secondary?

108 kHz with top load

> I think your present capacitors will be the weak link
> in an otherwise strong system.

This is true but they are all I've got right now. They are about 10 
years old but hardly ever used (unused when I bought them). I have 6 and 
I plan on using them in pairs (.125uf) until they all fail. By then, I 
will have made enough TC rental income to afford a CP cap.

> I would think you will need lower values of
> capacitance like from .025 to .05 mfd

Right you are Ed! I'm going to pruchase a .05uf CP cap and use it with a 
larger primary coil.

The first power-on tests will take place this Sunday July 21st and there 
will be multiple cameras recording the event.