Re: CP Group Order Halted

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>Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 12:53:57 -0700
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>Subject: Re: CP Group Order Halted
>> [major snippage because what I first wrote was out of anger]
>> I need a pep talk.
>> Bob Schumann
>I had to erase my posts too. Same reason. Gotta turn this anger into 
>something constructive for the good of the group. I suggest we first 
>formalize a saftey checklist and agree to follow it. Then limit our 
>membership to those who sign off on the checklist.
>I'll help draft it...
>Jeff W. Parisse
>[ The saftey list is a great idea.  It should go in the FAQ that Kristian
>  has worked on.  As to limiting membership, that's another story.  I will
>  try to work up some sort of saftey warning for new members, but there is no
>  way that I can enforce safe practices by list members.  All that I can and 
>  do enforce is that the topics of discussion be tesla coil related.  
>  I don't discriminate based on anything else. -- Chip ]

Yeah, I don't think we can mandate other people's safety, but I do think it
would be a very good idea if Chip would regularly post a standard "cautions
and warning message" describing just how very dangerous coiling can be,
i.e., exploding caps, cap oil as a fire hazard, pole pigs burning off arms, etc.

Somehow, I get the feeling that many of the newcomers to Tesla coil building
do not appreciate the danger of building the bigger coils.  Pole pigs are
dangerous!  If anyone has any doubts, talk to a power lineman.