Amateur Night

Well, I just got a Gen. Radio Variac Type W 30 H, (thanks to Scotty M) but
there is one little problem...I'm not sure how to wire it up. I know this is
an easy one for just about anyone readin' this, so if someone would just
peck out a few lines, I'd sure appreciate it :)  It's a big, heavy son of a
gun, and it's two of 'em ganged together. It's a little larger than I
expected, but bigger IS better! I'm going to attach a .jpg of the wiring
plate on the unit, just to make it easier on me when someone says "attach
hot wire (a) to terminal # (?) " or whatever. I just need to know how to
wire up one of 'em for now, but if you could show how to wire them together
for more current or voltage or whatever, that'd be good too! In case the
.jpg doesn't get sent, the specs are as follows..
240v  12amps  Open Rating   50-60 cycles    (I'll be usin' 120v for now )
The plate says "for common (gnd) Line-Load connection use term. 2 or 4 "
I hope someone can send a diagram...one picture's worth 1000 words :o)

[ NOTE: The image will come this evening.  I am sending only to those who 
  can handle images.  -- Chip ]