Re: Cap size

> The .02 will give you a bit more spark and a much hotter one too.  Just 
> don't expect miracles.  Although, you are doing incredibly well with the 
> .01!!!  Nice system!
> The terminal height vs. frequency shift is none linear and relate to the 
> terminal shape and surface area.  No pat answers here.
> Richard Hull, TCBOR

Thanks Richard, thats the answer I was looking (and hoping) for. This is 
my 4th coil. The entire system is extremely high Q. Even the wires are 
polyethylene coated. The spark gap has to be the best one I've used yet. 
I've got two electrodes facing each other with air being TOTALLY BLASTED! 
through their centre. The air meets in the middle and quenches extremely 
well. I've forgotten the exact PSI rating of the compressor but I can say 
that it is 15 cubic feet per minute. My last coil was a 12" one that was 
very low Q.

Thanks again,