Variacs for sale

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Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 16:57:06 -0500
From: Brad McPeak <bmcpeak-at-gte-dot-net>
To: chip-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: Variacs

Hello, Chip.
        Here is info on Variacs. Could you ad this to list for me? Thanks.

                                                                Brad McPeak

Hello, Chip.
        Thanks for the quick response and the great info from the list! 
Three Variacs for sale: (1) Large Powerstat Triple gang motor operated fan cooled estimate rating 
of each individual Variac at 40 to 50 amps $200.00  (1) 30 amp Powerstat open frame no knob 
works great. $100.00   (1) 20 amp Powerstat enclosed complete unit works great could be 400 
HZ ? Not sure.$75.00 If someone was in the Tyler TX area we can make a good deal on all of 
them to save us crating and shipping, they are HEAVY!

About the Variacs. My Dad had a friend look at the triple gang. This man collects them and he 
knows much about them. It looks to be 40 to 50 amps each variac 3 phase there were no numbers 
on them that they could find. This is all the info they could find. My Dad`s friend said that they 
could be used single phase.They did not find a voltage rating . This unit is very nice like new.

        The 30 amp is a Powerstat type 146-10005B  spec BP177511 it is in great shape
works great runs up to around 170 volts. Does not have a knob.

        The 20 amp is a Powerstat enclose unit the only number I could find on it 
is GP5800 this was on the aluminum face partially under the knob. This one will run up 
to just over 200 volts but starts to buzz at about 180 does not seem to get hot but 
pulls heavy current. 

        All of these are in great shape. I can send pictures if you like.

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Brad McPeak