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>> Firstly, what is considered the best formula for calculating primary coil
>> properties. I presume most people are winding flat (or inclined) copper
>> tubing primaries.
>You'll want to include the capabitity of all three types of primary coil
>flat, inverted cone and vertical helix. Also some people use tubing some
people use 
>ribbon (I'm VERY partial to copper ribbon as a primary coil conductor).
>IMO, the best tesla software to date is teslac. Like most efforts, however,
>clunky and restrictive. You should think about a function that would allow
users to 
>access and edit the formulas used in the program. The resulting "formula
>would be saved/read by the program as a text data file that users could
trade (i.e. 
>I'd die for the Hull data file). That way what you build could be more
things to 
>more people. Concentrate on interface, make it professional and slick and
>FLEXABILITY into your code.
>Why don't you pass along your feature/function list as it stands and we'll
help you 
>organize it.
>Jeff W. Parisse

The best Tesla design software presently available is the JHCTES Ver 2.2
Of course, I am prejudiced. It answers all of your questions asked about
primary and secondary coils, the toroid to used, etc. etc. 

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