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> >Richard Hull, TCBOR
> >AC watts are volt-amps in a purely resistive AC circuit (like frying a
> >human being.)  But not in Tesla coil power circuitry.  the correct term
> >is VAR, volt-amps-reactive.
> >This tells the listener that a simple current and voltage measurement was
> >taken in an AC circuit with known reactance present, but without a phase angle,
> >tells little more.
>         Uhmmmmm.  That may be the way the term VAR is used in the Tesla Field.
>         Electrical engineers asign it a more specific meaning.  VAR is
>         DEFINED AS the '90 degree' value.  That is if a cap or inductor
>         (neglecting resistance) is thron on line it draws ONLY VARs.
>         (in fact, systemc ontrol boards have 'VAR meters' to aid in setting
>         up PF correction caps.  In fact PF correction banks are commonly rated
>         as '<mumble> VAR' banks.
>         So with a complex load, there will be:
>         WATTS == in phase power.
>         VA == Volts times amps == greater than WATTs
>         VAR == VOLTS times AMPS at 90 degrees (imaginary).
>         WATTS being defined as tue power and VAR as 'imaginary' power, the
>         vector sum should match VA.
>         ('imaginary' has a specific meaning in electrical engineering.  I
>         would guess most of the list members are familiar with this, but a
>         few may not be...)
>         regards
>         dwp

You are correct!  Var is for purely reactive components and is at + or - 
90 degree phase angles.  I have used it rather loosely in my post and 
apologize to all.  Most Tesla circuits are inductive in reactance as 
appearing to the AC line and run a positive power factor angle.  A tesla 
circuit might be reduced to an equivalent pure inductance on the line  
rated in VARS and you would then need a capacitor of the same VAR rating 
to correct to zero phase angle or PFC.  Sorry about the lack of calrity.

Richard Hull, TCBOR