Re: PFC for neons

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> 7/13/96
> All,
> Capacitance may be added in series with the primary and at the driving
> frequency of the mains, a tank circuit is formed with capacitive
> reactance balancing inductive reactance.  The power factor is thus
> "corrected" and power appears resistive rather than reactive.  Please
> correct me, if this is incorrect.
> My question is how does this PFC influence the transformer secondary?
> I assume there is higher secondary power output?  How does this work?
> Does mutual inductance between the primary and secondary play a role?
> If mutual inductance does play a role, does addition of a PFC capacitor
> in the primary circuit help protect the secondary against kickback?


The capacitor should be placed across the line, not in series with the 
load.  If you use more capacitor than is needed to PFC then you are just 
draggin' more juice from the line.  Nothing in the primary circuit will 
prevent kickback in the secondary.  It might help keep some garbage off 
the AC line however, but this is up for debate.

Richard Hull, TCBOR