Re: Faraday cage

> Also, I've found that a coil not sparking well can radiate like hell
> as the energy has to go somewhere other than sparks.
> Malcolm

I''ve seen that, also.  When I am running my 4" coil in my basement 
with a 4" x 30" dryer duct toroid, I'm not pumping enough current 
through to get spark breakout without a takeoff point.  When the lights 
are turned off and I don't have the takeoff in place, all the fluorescent 
lights in my lab light up, but when I'm drawing an arc, only the closest 
lights to my coil are affected, and they don't light up nearly as bright 

This can also be used as an el-cheapo indicator to find your tune point 
before breakout - the brighter the light, the closer to resonance you are.

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)