Re: Coil Photo's #3

>>From ccurran-at-execpc-dot-comSun Jun 30 10:36:22 1996
>Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 10:46:24 -0500
>From: Chuck Curran <ccurran-at-execpc-dot-com>
>To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
>Subject: Coil Photo's #3

>Here's a shot of how my CP cap is connected on the one end to the primary 
>coil.  I wanted to minimize the length of the inter-connections.  I guess 
>I will now also provide a "Life Test" for a horizontally mounted CP cap 
>that is within about 10" of the primary.


Thank's for posting your pictures.  It's nice to see the efforts of 
one who obviously takes pride in his construction.  Nice job!

I myself would feel a little safer if the capacitor were to be 
located at the same level, but at the outer periphery of the primary 
winding.  Where you have it now it looks like it is near the center 
where the magnetic field will be the strongest.

Also, I'm curious, what do you plan to use for your break's 
stationary electrodes?

Please keep us all posted on your progress.

Happy Coiling!, rwstephens