Re: Ready for First Smoke Test

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> Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 21:37:41 -0500
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> Subject: Ready for First Smoke Test
> Hello Group:
>        I enjoyed reading Richard Hull's comments
> about his wife's "contact" with Tesla sparks.  After I put my new
> grounding system in, which is two eight foot rods six feet apart with 6"
> wide aluminum sheet connecting them, I quickly showed my wife since the
> connection point is one rod sticking up next to a land scaping log by
> our drive.  While I was up north at my brothers cabin last week she cut
> the lawn and the grounding rod too!  Amazing what a Bolens 16 H.P. mower
> with a 48" deck can do to a ground rod and the blade sharpness.
> Actually little damage to either, but it did take some effort to
> straighten out the rod.
> Chuck Curran


OOOPS!  I have opened a few grounds that way too until I burried the 
cable to the lab from the rods and surrounded the rod tops with 8" PVC 
schedule 80 pipe sticking up 10" out of the ground!

Richard Hull, TCBOR