Re: Teslas wireless power

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> >     Hi all, this is aimed at Richard Hull, but open for discussion by
> >     anyone, naturally.
> >     What are your opinions as to this method of power transmission as
> >     regards technical feasability?
> >     Thanks
> >     Steve Crawshaw
> Steve,
> Tesla's dream of wireless transmission of electrical power, if
> implemented on a large scale would saturate the surface area of the
> earth, and a zone above it extending about 7-10 miles with an alternating, RF
> high voltage field gradient way above that normally produced by
> nature and experienced by humans, animals and plantlife from natural sources.

Well, we can't be absolutely sure of this due to not understanding 
exactly what Tesla thought he knew about the method of transmission.  If 
through the earth only, and not by classic RF, then the airwaves might 
not have a microvolt in them.  Agreed, that if the system worked, the 
ecological questions and problems might outway any real advantage to his 
system.  But without proof of operation or knowledge of the method 
envisioned by Tesla, we can't make blanket statements.

For a long time, the Shumann Cavity Resonances were touted as Tesla's 
method, but the Corums recent work now looks like this is out and true 
ground transmission might be the method.  I must reference their talk at 
the 1996 ITS  conference.  Again, I'm not big on wireless transmission of 
power and think it a probable Tesla false vision.

Big snip

> On a small scale, a Tesla coil demonstration of wireless power is
> educational, fun and relatively harmless.  On a larger scale it could be quite
> disruptive to commerce and industry.  If you ever set up a wireless power
> transmitting station like Wardencliffe as proposed by Tesla, I will personally
> come and kick your ass!
> Happy Coiling!, without the wireless power crap, rwstephens

Tesla never finished his station.... I don't think we need worry about 
one of us crankin' one up again.  Whose got the know how, much less the 

Richard Hull, TCBOR