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> Subject: Teslas wireless power
>      Hi all, this is aimed at Richard Hull, but open for discussion by
>      anyone, naturally.
>      Richard, regarding the recent posts on "what Tesla Coils are good
>      for", I was wondering about Teslas grandest dream, and debatably
>      foremost application of the TC, wireless transmission of power. I am
>      aware that RQ has done some experiments on this and he has related
>      them to the group before. Have you conducted any experiments along
>      these lines with Magnifiers? I remember that in the Guide to the CSN
>      you tend to steer clear of commenting on Teslas Wireless power system.
>      What are your opinions as to this method of power transmission as
>      regards technical feasability?
>      Thanks
>      Steve Crawshaw


I try and steer clear of speaking about what I know little or nothing 
about.  I have investigated in a rather loose way the idea of 
transmitting energy using a Tesla coil.  You can make some impressive 
demos, but the efficiency just isn't there using normally transmitted 
resonance.  Even the supposed ground currents which Tesla relied on 
didn't pan out for me!  Although they proved better than the "RF method". 
 Both the RF and Ground method ought to obey the inverse square law.  The 
RF method seemed more lossey than even this mathematical relationship and 
the ground method approached the law more firmly.  This is not distant 
transmission of lossless energy which Tesla claimed.

I have my doubts about Tesla's system, but haven't given it a fair or 
thorough test yet and must hold my tongue until I have more emperical 
data.  A lot of understanding Tesla's wording is at the crux of 
uncovering certain secrets he reserved to himself.  I have noted this 
peculiarity from my research into his notes versus his public statements.

His system for power transmission was never fully finished.  If it had 
have been we would either be hailing his name from the roof tops now or 
else realizing that he mentally "lost" it soon after 1899.  Too Bad.  I 
would have liked to have been able to definitively called him one of the 
best minds of an age or a charlatin!

Richard Hull, TCBOR

The Corums, who I respect greatly (on the theoretical side) have probably 
done more work on this subject than anyone.  They just spoke at the ITS 
bash in Colorado.  I'll have to get a line on their "current wisdom" in 
the matter.