Re: Safety FAQ (Electrical Hazards)

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> > Hmmm, I've often held a copper rod in the output sparks of a 4" coil. It
> > was only 1 kVa so I assume it was quite safe. On a larger coil, say 5 -
> > 10 kVa, would it still be safe to do this?
> > 
> > I know Bill Wysock (spelling?) is renound for sitting atop a 1MV coil.

> (Brent Turner)
> Bottom line here is to make *damn* sure you are very, very, VERY well
> insulated. I took a direct hit to ground once, and it wasn't pleasant.
> I did hear of one poor fellow who did the same thing with an even larger
> coil, and he isn't here anymore to tell you NOT to try it, if you get my
> drift.

Amen to that, the first time I fired up my 6" coil it was at 1KVA and I 
got hit in the arm by a foot long white hot arc that hit a flourescent tube,
traveled through the tube and traveled another 6" to hit me.  The coil 
was fired up but no arcs were breaking out and this was the very first
arc I got out of the coil.  It's definitely not something I'd like to repeat.
Scared my wife half to death.

I'll have to admit it wasn't as bad as the hit I took off of a 480 volt street
light circuit a few months ago though.  I have scars where it blistered the 
back of my hand.

Safe Coiling!, Mike McCarty