Re: Singing like a banshee

Rwstephens Wrote:

"The successful voice modulation of a high-powered spark gap
oscillator powered Tesla coil is a back burner project I've been
working on.  If you listen to the first vocals from the Black Sabath
song Iron Man, and imagine this acoustical voice energy coming entirely 
from the
discharge of a medium-large coil you have an idea of what I expect to
accomplish.  Again, this will not be new, but IT WILL be fun!"

Hello, that's something I really want to do at some point (By next 
summer at least!).  But, I haven't a clew about how to start with a 
small to medium sized coil!  Could you or someone else give me some 
pointers?  Has anybody on this group done such a thing with a disruptive 
discharge coil?  Voice modulation, even low quality, would indeed be 
cool!  I would be grateful for any replies.
 Thanks all.

David Trimmell <dwt-at-efn-dot-org>