Re: Tesla Software


> Firstly, what is considered the best formula for calculating primary coil
> properties. I presume most people are winding flat (or inclined) copper
> tubing primaries.

You'll want to include the capabitity of all three types of primary coil topologies: 
flat, inverted cone and vertical helix. Also some people use tubing some people use 
ribbon (I'm VERY partial to copper ribbon as a primary coil conductor).

IMO, the best tesla software to date is teslac. Like most efforts, however, it's 
clunky and restrictive. You should think about a function that would allow users to 
access and edit the formulas used in the program. The resulting "formula profile" 
would be saved/read by the program as a text data file that users could trade (i.e. 
I'd die for the Hull data file). That way what you build could be more things to 
more people. Concentrate on interface, make it professional and slick and build 
FLEXABILITY into your code.

Why don't you pass along your feature/function list as it stands and we'll help you 
organize it.

Jeff W. Parisse